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Andy Crash Kelly - Radio Archives -


Thank you for taking the time to find my radio website, Crash Kelly. com.  I have personally coded/authored the content on all the pages but am forced to write in the second person so the freakin' search engines will take notice.  The good old days of having Crash being enough to get first place on search pages are over... and now Sean Crash Kelly, the Canadian rocker obviously gets more "name" credit hits.  Maybe I need to put out a few hard rock CDs or something.  Nah, I'll pass for now. - My best to you ~ Andy Crash Kelly

The ORIGINAL Crash Kelly woke morning listeners all over Texas, Louisiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin since the late 1970's and has made many fans and friends along the way. San Angelo, Killeen, Temple, Sherman, Dallas, Fort Worth, New Orleans, El Paso, Tyler, Rockford, Eau Claire, Madison, and Green Bay radio fans enjoyed the dry, blunt, refreshing wit of Crash and Company. With the cast of characters over the years: Katie Piper, Sue Stevens, Deputy Barney, Rich Watkins, Stanley Boyd, Al Toona, Dan Burns, Mr. Manly, Chef Perry, Leighann Stephenson, Shotgun Shannon, Chris Merle, Valerie Lego, Jennifer Jackson, Katelynn Kross and others, waking up and getting off to work was never a chore.  KOOV went dark in March of 2000 when the Copperas Cove country station format was sold to Cumulus Broadcasting. 

Catch up with Crash Kelly at his very popular home page (online since January 1999) with nearly a million and a half visitors, the official link below:


A Crash and Burns morning radio show stunt was featured in a movie back in '97.  Dan Burns and Crash Kelly met Michael Moore at Morning Show Boot Camp in Atlanta.  The three hit it off and a few months later Michael Moore phoned to say that he was going to be in the area (Madison, WI at WJJO).  He asked Crash and Burns to come up with a radio stunt and he would consider filming it. He bought the staged stunt that teased then Governor Tommy Thomson's office.  It made it to the big screen and now you can see it featured on that DVD.   Rather you care for Moore's views or not, it's an entertaining, earthy production.




UPDATED 8/3/2011